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Professional's Choice

ballsBALM is the industry standard for managing body hair in your most sensitive spots. If you feel there is a way we may improve, please let us know using the form above or at the email address below.

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Have a question? Holler.

Who makes this @#$%!?

People wonder about us.  And why not? Not a lot of companies out there doing what we do.  Truth be told, we're just a few guys that decided to take our balls seriously and it spiraled out of control. 


Surprising?  Not really.  Most body and hair products available to guys are just re-packaged chick fare.  Not ballsBALM™.  We develop products by men, for men.  That simple.  


We live life to the fullest and we suspect our clients do too.  At ballsBALM™, we're proud to back you up in the fight to look and be your best--whatever that means to you. 


ballsBALM™ is the brainchild of professionals and friends who were looking for a better way to manage skin and body hair. For modern men, activities from sports to sex require proper grooming to give a guy an edge to succeed. But as most can attest, the current skincare and body hair removal options for men are painful, embarrassing, and messy. ballsBALM™ endeavors to change all of that for the sake of men everywhere.

We source ingredients and materials from around the world.  All ballsBALM™ products are manufactured in the USA, dammit.