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Who makes this @#$%!?

People wonder about us.  And why not? Not a lot of companies out there doing what we do. Truth be told, we're just a few guys that decided to take our balls seriously and it spiraled out of control. 


Surprising?  Not really.  Most body and hair products available to guys are just re-packaged chick fare.  Not ballsBALM™.  We develop products by men, for men.  That simple.  


We live life to the fullest and we suspect our clients do too.  At ballsBALM™, we're proud to back you up in the fight to look and be your best--whatever that means to you. 

ballsBALM: Who makes this @#$%!?

Stop hiding in clothes.

ballsBALM™ is the brainchild of professionals and friends who were looking for a better way to manage skin and body hair. For modern men, activities from sports to sex require proper grooming to give a guy an edge to succeed. But as most can attest, the current skincare and body hair removal options for men are painful, embarrassing, and messy. ballsBALM™ endeavors to change all of that for the sake of men everywhere.

We source our ingredients and materials from around the world. All ballsBALM™ products are made in the US of A, dammit.

Help Us Protect our Most Sensitive ball.

ballsBALM™ is fully committed to reducing and mitigating the impact that our commercial operations may have on the environment.


Since 2011, ballsBALM, Inc. has employed a variety of strategies focused on reducing waste material from our production and fulfillment facilities, reusing storage and shipping modules, boxes, skids, and wrapping used in product fulfillment, and utilizing recyclable and biodegradable components in all of our products.


Further, in 2013 ballsBALM, Inc. began producing all of its products in a state-of-the-art laboratory, production, and storage facility in Southern California powered by 100% solar energy. Since then, it's reaped significant environmental and financial benefits from that decision.

At ballsBALM™ we believe that taking care of the Earth is something everyone should be involved in. Help us protect the most important ball-of-all by recycling your empty product tubes and reusing or recycling the components in your product packs. Every little bit helps create a sexy planet for us all. 

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