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ballsBALM: FAQs


  • What is ballsBALM™?
    ballsBALM, Inc. was founded in 2011 in Los Angeles, California for the sole purpose of developing, perfecting, and distributing the safest, most effective hair removal cream ever. Specifically, ballsBALM, Inc. created The Bare Pair™, comprised of Bare Balm™ Body Hair Buster™ and Calm Balm™ Soothing Skin Salve™ to remove body hair on any body part south of the neck. Created by and for men, The Bare Pair™ is the standard for safe, effective body hair removal on all of your most sensitive spots.
  • How is The ballsBALM™ Bare Pair™ different than other hair removal creams?
    The ballsBALM™ Bare Pair™ is the industry standard for super-sensitive hair removal because of it's unique bigballs™ Formula that uses our proprietary pH scaler that allows for aggressive keratin breadown in hair, but not skin. It was developed specifically by, and for, men and was calibrated from the ground up with a totally unique set of ingredient ratios. The ballsBALM™ Bare Pair™ is also the only hair removal cream that comes with a fortifying skin lotion for after hair removal, our legendary Calm Balm™. Other hair removers strip your hair and skin and leave it pissed off and irritated. Not ballsBALM™. Years of burning our faces off when we shaved our faces and forgot to put on after shave, taught us skin fortification is a must for any hair removal endeavor--especially in sensitive spots. Finally, ballsBALM™ uses only the absolute best ingredients and materials in our topical formulas. Other companies use cheap ingredients and harsh dyes, fillers, and perfumes to mask the subpar performance of their products. At ballsBALM™ we only use the purest, most natural, and highest quality components we can find to keep your skin ready for greatness.
  • Where is The ballsBALM™ Bare Pair™ made?
    ballsBALM, Inc. maintains its storage, laboratory, clinical, manufacturing, and packaging facilities in Southern California, USA.
  • How often may I use my Bare Pair™?
    Depending on the thickness and texture of your hair follicles, your Bare Pair™ should keep the area you use it on clear of hair from one to three weeks. Use your Calm Balm™ as aggressively as you choose to use your Bare Balm™, i.e., the more you use your Bare Balm™ the more you should fortify your skin with Calm Balm™ to keep it supple and ready for body hair management. We recommend using Calm Balm™ on areas you keep clear of hair every time you get out of the shower if you want to seriously avoid irritation, have sensitive skin, or are an aggressive body hair manager.
  • Is ballsBALM™ safe?
    ballsBALM, Inc. adheres to the highest industry standards in acquiring our ingredients, developing our topical formulas, and packaging all of our products to achieve optimal results, safely. All ballsBALM™ products are developed, tested, manufactured and stored in FDA licensed facilities that are regualry inspected for health and safety compliance so our clients can know they get only the best for their bodies. All ballsBALM™ products are regularly tested in a rigorous clincial environment to ensure that whatever your skin type, you can use any ballsBALM™ product with confidence and ease. For more information regarding our safety protocols and clincial testing, you can contact Client Relations. Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all ballsBALM™ products are also available upon request by emailing Client Relations.
  • Does The ballsBALM™ Bare Pair™ cause skin irritation?
    It can. Unfortunately, ALL hair removal methods stress the skin in some way. What's important to consider is how you treat your skin on a regular basis and how you treat your skin immediately before and after removing body hair. If you bathe in cologne and use body wash jammed with sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), you're begging for a gnarly chemical reaction or irritation using ANY hair removal method. The reason is that stuff like SLS and fragrances in everything from deodorants to soaps and lotions have toxic chemicals designed to soften the water coming out of your tap and create a lather while making you smell 'good'. Unfortuately, they also create pathways through your skin membranes that can be exploited like superhighways for toxic substances and leave the skin acting up. Same is true if your skin is flushed and 'breathing' from a long run after work or a pickup game in 100% humidity during the Summer. Leave the body hair management to another time. Don't ever manage body hair when your skin is recovering from any physical activity where you're sweating because your pores are not in the mood. Also if your skin is radiating heat from being in the sun or is chapped and ashy because you refuse to ever moisturze it, you may be asking for skin irritation when you go to remove body hair. Simple ways to avoid skin irritation no matter what you're doing to it is to drink plenty of water and eat quality food throughout the day. Clean your skin with glycerin soap and a body buffer to gently remove dead skin and hair from the skin on a daily basis, following up with a good unscented body lotion after you get out of the shower. Use sunscreen when you go outside and ease up a little on all of the scented personal care items, player--they're toxic. Finally, when you go to manage your body hair make sure to only do so when your skin is realxed and not sweating and always follow up with Calm Balm™.
  • Does ballsBALM, Inc. ship internationally?"
    ballsBALM, Inc. via does NOT fulfill orders internationally at this time. To request a distributiors list for your market please contact cutomer service.
  • Does ballsBALM, Inc. test on animals?"
    Neither ballsBALM, Inc. nor its laboratory, clinical, or manufacturing facilities or protocols ever allow for the use of animals in any capacity. ballsBALM, Inc. was founded on creating love, not cruelty.
  • May I distribute ballsBALM™ products in my market?
    ballsBALM, Inc. is always looking for positive business relationships with proven sellers who have a true desire to bring ballsBALM™ to their neck of the woods. Email Client Relations with any queries regarding ballsBALM™ Distributorship.
  • May women use ballsBALM™?
    Of course. All ballsBALM™ products are safe for women to use on any part south of the neck--external use only. Cheers.
  • What should I do if I experience irritation?
    If for some reason you experience an adverse reaction to using your Bare Pair™ make sure to clean the area affected with unscented glycerin body wash or other mild soap. Apply liberal amounts of Calm Balm™ to the area for as long as irritation persists. For more serious irriation or broken skin make sure to clean the area with unscented glycerin soap or another mild soap and apply neosporin or polysporin to the area and cover with a clean bandage or underwear. As a general matter, you can never use too much Calm Balm™ before or after Bare Balm™ use, and always test the area with a small spot of Bare Balm™ and observe to ensure your skin is ready to roll with body hair management. If you need more information, don't hesitate to reach out to Client Relations via email.
  • Why should I use ballsBALM™?
    No one likes hair in their mouth. Absolutely no man with any sex appeal doesn't care about body hair management, among other things. Whether it's a professional athlete, tech billionaire, or simply a man who likes to get laid, grooming your body hair for greatness is essential. Body hair that is unmanaged gets in the way of your edge and can kill your confidence because you aren't keeping yourself ready to make a good impression. Looking good isn't merely an option if you want to put your best self forward--whatever that means to you.
  • I never received my order, what should I do?"
    At ballsBALM™ we're dedicated to making every transaction a pleasant experience, every time. If for some reason you did not get your order by the expected delivery date outlined in your tracking information, simply let Client Relations know via email and we'll track down, replace, or refund your order within 24 hours.
  • I need to return my order, what should I do?"
    If for any reason you need to return your ordered items to ballsBALM™ simply send an email to Client Relations and they will handle your return and refund immediately.
  • I received the wrong order, what should I do?"
    If for some reason you received the wrong order simply reach out to Client Relations via email and they will handle a refund, replacment, or return immediately.
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