We've received a lot of requests from clients asking to score extra Calm Balm™ and quite frankly, our interns are tired of turning everyone down.  So here you have it, a double-dose (8 fl. oz. total) of our special skin serum that clients report is great for use on everything from cracked feet to flaky scalp and everything in-between.  Originally designed as an after lotion for the ballsBALM™ Bare Pair™, everyone always goes 'MacGuyver' on us and uses it for everything else too.  We're not sure what you'll use it for, but we're sure you'll agree that Calm Balm™ makes any skin situation much less irritating.

Smooth Set™

SKU: 310420
    • Our CALM BALM™ (4 fl. oz) is comprised of nautral moisturizers that fortify the skin to the hilt.
    • Contains no harsh perfumes, dyes, or fillers.
    • Designed for all body types and sensitivity levels.
    • Non-comedogenic--won't clog pores or cause ingrown hair.
    • Can be used on any part of the body to provide insant, and sustained moisture for the skin to relieve dryness, itchiness, and irritation.
    • Cruelty free--NEVER tested on animals.

Professional's Choice

ballsBALM is the industry standard for managing body hair in your most sensitive spots. If you feel there is a way we may improve, please let us know using the form or the email address below.

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