Looking to tame your hairy spots?  Well then butter up with a bit of Bare Balm™ and switch from ‘sasquatch’ to ‘smooth’ in mere minutes.  Calibrated for even the bitchiest skin, our body hair management cream is a must for any guy who always needs to be primed to shine.  Made for use on all your parts south of the neck, you can bare your balls, give your dagger more swagger, or bare it all with our sensitive bigBALLS™ Formula. Follow up with Calm Balm™ to protect and fortify your skin and you’re ready to roll. 

The Bare Pair™

SKU: 069420
    • Dual-stage body hair management system for men to remove stubborn body hair while protecting your skin.
    • Specially designed for ALL body parts south of the neck including 'fun' zones.
    • Made by and for active men (not a converted lady's product or brand).
    • Start with BARE BALM™ (8 fl. oz) to erase unruly body hair gently and easily in minutes!
    • Follow up with CALM BALM™ (4 fl. oz) to finish the job right by fortifying the skin to leave you smooth and dangerously touchable.
    • Comes with our exfloiating Bare Paw™ and Slic-Stics™ to make application a cinch.
    • Cruelty free--NEVER tested on animals.

Professional's Choice

ballsBALM is the industry standard for managing body hair in your most sensitive spots. If you feel there is a way we may improve, please let us know using the form or the email address below.

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